Ruby on Rails Survey 2024

⏰ It's that time again!

The team over at Planet Argon is currently gathering information regarding the current state of the Ruby on Rails developer community. They've been conducting this survey since 2009! The survey will be open until August 2nd, 2024, and the results will be published shortly after.

Some of the questions in the survey are related to a single Ruby on Rails application. Please ensure that you use the project you're most frequently working on to answer these particular questions.

Thank you so much for participating! 🤗

Which one of the following applies to you?

How big is the development team for your primary Rails applications?

Do you work remotely?

Has your development team grown or shrunk in the last two years?

How many Rails applications is your team currently responsible for?

Let's learn a little more about your own professional development in relation to Ruby on Rails.

How did you learn to code?

If you attended a bootcamp and/or school for learning to code...which one(s)?

What was your level of web programming expertise before learning Ruby on Rails?

How many years of experience do you have developing with Ruby on Rails?

We're trying to gauge if Rails is still attracting new developers (and what the retention is long-term)

In the first two years of learning Ruby on Rails, what methods did you use?

Of these methods of learning, which did you feel worked best for you?

What type(s) of educational content helps you learn the most effectively?

Okay, let's focus on the primary Ruby on Rails app(s) that you actively work on.

What versions of Ruby are you using in your applications? (select all that apply) *

$ cat .ruby-version

Which Ruby version manager are you using? (select all that apply)

What versions of Rails are you using in your applications? (select all that apply)

Is your team using a dual-boot strategy for upgrades?

(i.e., when you have your app run test suite against current Ruby/Rails versions and latest versions Ruby on Rails)

How long ago has your Ruby on Rails application been in development?

Of the Rails applications you work on, how many are updated to the most recent stable (Rails/Ruby) releases?

If not all, why not? (select all that apply)

How many of your apps are legacy apps, or code inherited from other developers?

Have you been to a conference (regional or bigger) for Ruby and/or Rails in the last year?

What conference(s) are you hoping to attend in the coming year?

Do you participate in local in-person user groups related to Ruby/Rails development?

Do you participate in online user groups related to Ruby/Rails development?

What are your favorite Rails-related technical podcasts?

We'll compile a list to share the most commonly referenced ones with everyone.

What are your favorite Rails-related newsletters and blogs?

Please list them. If you happen to remember where to find them, feel free to include a URL!

Who are your favorite live coding streamers, especially Rails developers on YouTube or Twitch?

Share your top picks—we’ll compile a big list for everyone!

What Rails-related books do you recommend others read?

How often do you contribute to open source projects?

What tool(s) do you use to manage your JavaScript libraries?

Which JavaScript libraries or frameworks do you use with Rails? Check all that apply.

If you have deployed applications using other languages/frameworks, would you say that it has been easier or harder to deploy Rails applications?

How often do you deploy your Rails applications to production?

What testing frameworks are you using to test your Rails app(s)? (select all that apply)

What JavaScript testing frameworks are you using to write tests? (select all that apply)

What is your team's target code to test/spec ratio?

The code to test/spec ratio measures the amount of test code compared to production code. What ratio does your team aim for to ensure thorough testing?

...and what is your ACTUAL code to test/spec ratio? 😜

% rake stats

What is your go-to Ruby debugger tool?

What are you primarily working on?

What third-party email services do your Rails integrate with? (select all that apply)

Where is your source code hosted? (select all that apply)

Which automated deployment tools do you use? (select all that apply)

Which nosql databases do you use in production? (select all that apply)

Which relational databases do you use in production? (select all that apply)

Which database would you prefer to use in production?

Which operating system do you primarily develop on?

Are you using Docker for local development?

What is your preferred code editor?

What are you using for containerization? (select all that apply)

Which tool(s) do you use for Error Monitoring in production? (select all that apply)

Which tool(s) do you use for Performance Monitoring in production? (select all that apply)

What other 3rd-party tools do you use to keep an eye on your production systems?

Which proxy / web servers do you use in production? (select all that apply)

Which Rails Servers are you using in production? (select all that apply)

Which Continuous Integration (CI) servers do you use? (select all that apply)

What CDN(s) do you use? (select all that apply)

What code quality tools do you use? (select all that apply)

Who uses your application/s?

Which Active Job adapters do you use to use to process background jobs?

I feel confident security vulnerabilities are being addressed in new Rails releases.

What tools are you using to track security vulnerabilities?

Which Ruby gems frustrate you the most?

...feel free to elaborate as to why! (keep to 2-3)

Which Ruby gems do you love?

...and what makes them so special? (keep to 2-3)

Is Ruby on Rails your server side framework of choice?

I feel the Rails core team is shepherding the project in the right direction.

Rails is still relevant in 2024.

Would you recommend new developers learn and build Rails applications in 2024?

What are a few things you'd like to see happen in the Ruby on Rails community?

Would you like to be notified by email when we post the results of this survey?

(this is optional) Your email address will not be shared or published, and will only be used for the purpose of notifying you of the available results.

What are some questions do you wish we had asked?

What do you wish you new about the wider community of developers that wasn't covered here?